Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pregnancy in Oman…

So I was talking to a friend of mine who is pregnant at the moment- no, let me rephrase that, I was listening while she was RANTING about the unfairness that you call Oman when you are pregnant.
Not only are medical systems sucky (this one should be a whole different post), she is also stuck with fugly maternity clothes in most shops, 1 decent place to shop in (H&M), overpriced products, unbearable heat AND a whole month of not even being able to give in to her daytime cravings like a nice bar of chocolate or some salt and vinegar Lay’s chips! Because apparently, even pregnant women can get into crap during Ramadan for eating outside or wearing provocative clothes! Provocative!? She is pregnant for fucks sake! Where is she going to hide the stomach and the boobs!? In a big black plastic bag or bozo the clown’s clothes?!
On top of everything, her really well known company decided to be a bitch about the fact that she is pregnant, and her boss actually dared to say: “well, if you are unable to perform your job, why don’t you just leave?”.  I mean, seriously, if this was any other country, no one would actually dare threaten to fire a pregnant woman, or encourage her to leave once she gets pregnant!  If you have a MEDICAL condition during your pregnancy that requires you to rest and sit, the company should be accommodating! Especially that her company is huge and there are numerous people who can fill in and do the physically demanding part of the job like staying in late, or walking around! If I was in her place, I would actually bring a sick note and stay home most days just to piss off my boss!
I heard that another company fired 3 women as soon as they announced that they were pregnant!  How is this even legal!? Oh you are fired because we will assume that you won’t focus on your job!? What are we the 1940’s!?


  1. Just read the Oman Labour Law... pregnancy is covered in depth.

    Besides, women are the lesser species right? Your only good for cooking and breeding and should stay at home all the time? Who even let her out?!


  2. @sythe: yeah, it's too bad many companies don't actually follow the labour law here... i am having issues with my company as well (that i will post about once i leave!). and i actually think there are STILL people here who think that a women's place is in the kitchen or making babies! so sad!

  3. I think the maternity clothes lack is due to the fact that Omani ladies wear abayas and caftans for house clothes. If pregnant I live in caftans.

    But yeah, tell O to take her work to the court with Oman labour law. No one can fire a pregnant lady for being pregnant.